Ok… this definitely deserves a full blog entry, one of the best and most well-put together events we’ve ever been a part of…

On3Radio is legendary in germany, best known for helping bring punk rock and krautrock to the masses 30-some years ago… now they have an annual indoor festival AKA the best party ever!!

we got to Munich a day early and spent the afternoon doing radio and TV performances and interviews (online soon!), then played a show at the Feierwerk club downtown with our Toronto friends Dance Yourself To Death and My Little Pony from Olso. Packed show, amazing crowd, love both of these bands and partied till 5:30am!

the actual festival had sold out in 5 days, even though none of the bands had been in Munich before… playing for a crowd of over 500 people who are guaranteed NOT to have heard your music could go either way, but despite some tech problems they wouldn’t let us leave without an encore! plus we sold out of our CD’s after the show – not bad for our first time in germany…

we also watched Ebony Bones put on one of the best live shows I have ever seen… as well as Pete Doherty playing the worst set in the history of music (plus he tried to steal Airick’s hat!! asshole.)

now, I must pause and mention the food… fast food is pretty much the only option on tour (and that’s totally ok, we aren’t picky when it comes to eats)… but this festival had just about every kind of meat, cheese, fruit, dips, bread, pudding, yoghurt, pasta, rice, soup and chocolate EVERYTHING, and tried to pass it off like it was no big deal. Ha.

afterwards there was a mega- afterparty at the hotel(!) with our new friends My Little Pony, Chris Garneau’s band and Royal Bangs from Tennessee (who were also incredible by the way), blasting some weird future-motown shit and dancing till about 6am when the cops finally came… even the hotel owners came down to party!!!

video and audio from the festival coming soon! here’s some photos to get by till then.


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