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“They have the ambition and ability to explode big, and an unself-conscious spark that makes you want to covet the band as your own personal diamond-in-the-rough discovery.” - Sarah Liss, NOW Magazine cover story

“Anything less than shouting praise for these wunderkinds from downtown rooftops wouldn’t do them justice”.Eye Weekly, best concerts of ‘06

“Ambitious and genre-defining, Spiral Beach are torchbearers, with cross-over appeal catering to the all-ages underground ethos of raves, the pop confection of the Go! Team, frenzied outbursts of the Ramones, and the sleazy art-punk of the Creeping Nobodies and No Dynamics… This foursome is definitely one of the most exciting bands to come from Toronto.”
- LonelyVagabond review of the 24 Hours at the Centre of Gravity concert

“They portray themselves with this campy air of mystery that makes every performance an odd slice of unforced theater, as much as it is just a great rock show.” – Bobby B, It’s Not The Band I Hate, It’s Their Fans

“The sound reminded me of Frankenstein on ecstacy. Whatever that sounds like was totally Spiral Beach”Jayphives Room

“They’ve always been an exceptional live band, but in front of a packed house fuelled by teen spirit, bathed in strobe lights and egged on by their peers, Spiral Beach made it clear why they will be the first band from their graduating class to conquer the world.” – Michael Barclay, EYE Weekly review of the 24 Hours at the Centre of Gravity concert

“Spectacular… The sky really is the limit for them”.i (heart) music review of “BALL”

“Terrifyingly confident, and with the prog-wave chops to match, their impish charisma was potent enough to match festival MVP Cadence Weapon (who bounced onstage for a track) move for move.” – Helen Spitzer, Exclaim review of Hillside Festival

“I’ve been falling asleep humming these tracks and waking to find them still in my head the next morning. . . It is extremely important to recognize that while the music is fun, it is simultaneously quite sophisticated and exciting” – Daniel Demois, Spill Magazine feature

“It’s a testament to the band’s energy and class that they were able to pull things up and get all the kids off the pews and dancing in front of the pulpit.” – Alison Lang, Soundproof Magazine review of Halifax Pop Explosion concert at St Matthew’s United Church

“There’s a reason why Spiral Beach have been pegged as Toronto’s next big export” – Bryan Borzykowski, NOW Magazine review of “BALL” – 4 stars

“The album captures all the pure raw excitement that is put forth during their shows. .. It’s worth it to feel refreshed and to know that some people are trying new things.” -
two way monologues review of “BALL” – 8.4 out of 10

“Phenomenally creative and ingenious band that’s really upping the ante for other up-and-comers”Bibabidi review of “BALL”

“While the majority of their songs are not even 3 minutes in length, each one is filled with enough enjoyable quirks and brilliantly executed hooks to accomplish the rare feat of involving both ingenuity and and stylistic diversity to create a sound that remains very impressionable from the first listen onwards.”Obscure Sound review of “BALL”

“Of all the bands, they were the ones that commanded the stage and played like a true headliner act in a festival that doesn’t boast any headliners.” – Angela Alston, Soundproof Magazine review of Pop Montreal concert at Bar St Laurent


98/100 from 2006

89/100 from 2007

93/100 from 2008

95/100 from 2009


“A massive all night party at the Centre of Gravity Theatre featuring the finest musical acts from Toronto and abroad, as well as a full-on extravaganza of video projections, gravity-defying circus acts and glow-in-the-dark visuals. This event will not officially end and people are encouraged to bring tents, sleeping bags and pillows and camp out on the floor with the bands. A pancake breakfast will be served in the morning.”press release for the 24 Hours at the Centre of Gravity


“Spiral Beach love their friends, they love to experiment and they’re artists in every sense of the word.” – Bianca Marcus, Chartattack interview

“Each one is a bonafide rock star able to make their cojones sound casual, making Spiral Beach as playful as they are awe-inspiring.”
-Michael Barclay, Exclaim review of NXNE / Interview for The Record (Waterloo)

“Sweat has flown and smiles have been plastered across faces all over Canada as audiences have fallen in love with the young kids from Toronto and their infectious craziness on stage.” – Cody McGraw, Soundproof Magazine interview

Interview with The Coast, Halifax

ECHO weekly (Guelph/Waterloo) Cover Story

Interview with Queen’s U Journal, Kingston

Interview with the Ottawa XPress

Interview with Confront Magazine


NOW Magazine article

EYE Weekly article






Bodies rolled in sleeping bags…darkness on the dance floor. 6am and the band is serving breakfast. These are self-promoted all-ages all-night shows in unlikely places…art galleries, community halls and circus spaces. Earlier…swirling lights, pylons and projected images hover above a dancing crowd. Assemblies of acts take turns on stage as people and band members mingle and munch grilled cheese sandwiches. Some may stop to buy a Spiral Beach t-shirt carefully burned with a hot iron…. an evening collectible baring no band logo. At the entrance kids wander in from the winter snow and throw coats onto a towering pile. Their hats and scarves, furry sweats and headbands follow them to the dance floor. The show begins…and never seems to end.

“Everything the band does is very visual – we always think about the whole experience, so audiences feel like they’re a part of what it going on. We try to make each show feel like full-on sensory overload – there’s a LOT of energy coming off the stage, and every show is a chance to get an audience worked into a total frenzy… we’ve run a lot of our own shows that will go all night or into the next day, so there’s also an element of delirium involved,” says Drummer Daniel Woodhead about the performances. “Some of our biggest parties in Toronto have been at the Centre of Gravity, which is an old vaudeville/circus theatre, so we’ve taken that as our inspiration – we like to create an atmosphere that suits the music, so playing all-ages events in community centres and lofts where we can use the space to make something fun and interactive is the best.”

With the Canadian release of “Ball” in the fall of 2007 the buzz on the band became deafening. They had already graced the cover of Toronto’s NOW Magazine and ruffled feathers when they unexpectedly invited fans in crazy costumes up on stage to join the broadcast of their performance on Canada’s MTV Live… The band toured extensively throughout Canada and was invited to tour with both Sloan and the Hidden Cameras in the U.S. as well as opening up for like-minded acts such as the Go! Team and Tokyo Police Club. By the time all the members of the band turned 20, they had already been twice across the continent!

In the spring of 2008 dazzling reviews of their album “Ball” from bloggers and mainstream press started to appear. A live performance on XM’s ‘The Verge’ was rated as the show’s Top Performance of the Year and the band was nominated for “Best New Indie Band” at the Casby Awards. Canada’s most important media outlets like Much Music and Toronto’s The Edge radio station began to champion the band. They spent the summer performing at festivals across Canada, including Toronto’s Virgin Festival, and took their incomparable live show to the UK and US, where Tommy Boy/ADA released the album.

The band are taking it all to the next level this September with their new album “The Only Really Thing.” The album perfectly captures the jubilant frenzy of the band, filling out the kaleidoscopic pop sound they had already developed with intricate arrangements and unconventional instrumentation, including metal chains and a cell phone! Daniel says, “We had a pretty clear vision of what we wanted to achieve; to make a Bollywood-influenced multi-layered color collage kind of modern pop album, with songs that were good enough to stand on their own but put into this whirlwind of different sounds and textures. Once you’re there, you just kind of jump in!”